About Us

OCI Partners LP is a Delaware limited partnership formed in February 2013 to own and operate OCI Beaumont LLC, an integrated methanol and anhydrous ammonia production facility that is strategically located on the Texas Gulf Coast near Beaumont, Texas. The facility commenced full operations during August 2012.

We are an indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of OCI N.V., a leading global producer and distributor of natural gas-based fertilizers and industrial chemicals based in the Netherlands.

OCI N.V.'s production capacity spans three continents and comprises approximately 14 million metric tons per year of nitrogen fertilizers, methanol, diesel exhaust fluid, melamine, and other natural gas based products, serving agricultural and industrial customers around the world. OCI N.V. employs approximately 3,000 people and is listed on the Euronext in Amsterdam under the symbol "OCI".